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Track and analyze learning performance in real time

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Track and analyze learning performance in real time.

IntelliBoard is built to work with any LMS designed in Moodle. Our goal is to deliver all of your LMS data to one place that is right for you.

Understanding your Learning Management System

Explore all the reporting options available within Moodle that can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime.

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    Never miss a thing. Keep track of everything that has happened in your Learning Management System in the order that it happened.

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    Evaluate how your learners are doing month to month. Improve your learning strategy with actionable data.

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    Be on top of your learner's progress. Search for individuals and courses to learn more about them in detail.

The true value of data visualization lies in its ability to help you show – not just tell – your story.

Can you predict success of your courses? Track and and analyze them for your yourself in REAL-TIME with IntelliBoard.net. There is no need to predict anything.

Your data is displayed with easy to read charts and graphs. Drill down reporting is available for all of your Moodle instances today. All of your report data report outputs can be customized and branded to suit.

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