Higher Ed institutions have a critical function to prepare our young adults as future professionals. IntelliBoard is here to assist.

Let's focus the right learning on the right individuals at the right time – letting your data be the guide.

Get the reporting you need more efficiently – right now.

IntelliBoard dashboards and tools provide tangible reports and graphs that allow for interventions, contribute to retention, and provide evidentiary validity to the coursework your colleagues work so diligently to create.

  • Advantage: Learner Retention

    The ability to intervene with learners in jeopardy at specifically the right time can mean the difference between success and failure.

  • Advantage: Monitor Instructor Engagement

    When you need to understand how your instructors interact with your LMS and their respective learners, IntelliBoard gives you the tools to do it.

  • Advantage: Reporting Made Easier

    Institutions worldwide frequently must submit documentation for accreditation. IntelliBoard reports make this process far easier – allowing more immediate access to data.

Intervene at the right time

Universities worldwide use IntelliBoard to provide analytic insights into their data. Learner retention is a key focus for many of the organizations we serve.

We provide data from several points of focus to provide a clear picture of learners in jeopardy.

IntelliBoard has 120+ reports, analytics and tools to make your LMS smarter, and our list grows every day.

  • Learner Success & Progress
  • Learner Status Summary
  • Overdue Learner
  • Past Due Assignment
  • Learner Compared to Course Average
  • Activity Status Detail

Insights into engaged learning

The online learning environment requires an engaged learner to be successful. IntelliBoard provides multiple reports, analytics and notifications that keep your learners focused, and provide data that can impact your learning methodologies.

Armed with the information you need about how you deliver learning "right now" will greatly impact how you modify that learning delivery in the future, answering questions regarding effectiveness, time spent on task, and assessment results.

Personalized Dashboards and Expanded Assessment Reporting

IntelliBoard provides your organization’s learners with a personal dashboard of their grades and activity directly within the LMS.

Learner assessment is a critical function for any learning organization. Whether your assessments are tied to objectives, certification, etc, they need to demonstrate learner mastery. IntelliBoard has tools to identify rigor, trends, and statistical data to inform the assessment process.

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