Why Duplicate Effort?

Powerschool and your Moodle LMS can now be integrated in real time, saving you time and wasted effort.

We Built The Bridge

PowerSchool and your Moodle LMS can now be integrated in real time, saving you time and wasted effort.
Enter grades in one system. Enter courses in one system. We’ll take care of the rest.

Gradebook Integration

Grades automatically sync in Moodle and Powerschool when student submits an activity.

Course Syncing

Set up courses in Moodle and with a single click set up courses in Powerschool.

Student Syncing

With a single click, students in PowerSchool are instantly added to Moodle.

Activity Syncing

Any activities from Moodle courses get automatically created inside of Powerschool.

PowerTeacher Pro Support

PowerSchool API used to sync directly with single or multiple Moodle based LMS systems.

Real-Time Integration

Instant data transfer allows IntelliBoard reports and analytics to be real-time.

Why use our integration tool?

The long-awaited ability to effortlessly move data between the Moodle LMS and PowerSchool is finally here.
Teachers and/or System Admins no longer must replicate data in two different systems; grades, courses and users are synced automatically.

Multi-School Support

Works with multiple PowerSchool and/or Moodle account combinations.

Instant Sync

Automated Data syncing is instantly done in a single click.

On-time Notifications

Instant automation means data can now be used for real-time reporting and analytics.

Free Updates

All system and API upgrades connection updates are free during your subscription.

Additional Reports

With your subscription, real-time reporting and analytics are instantly available.

Custom Development

Custom standard and non-standard LMS core customization available with bridge.

  • Groups vs. Courses

    Groups match with sections, and courses match with activities simultaneously.

  • User Roles

    Admin, teachers, students can simultaneously match systems in a single click.

  • Curriculum Terms

    Term data can be synced individually by chosen term or all together simultaneously.

  • Profile Fields Sync

    Can choose which user profile fields to sync in order to have better data protection.

  • Activity Sync

    All course activities automatically get set up in each teacher’s PowerSchool Pro account.

  • Gradebook Sync

    All student grades automatically appear in Powerschool once submitted in Moodle.

Plans and Pricing


  • Number of courses
  • Number of users
  • Number of schools
  • Support included
  • Custom Development



  • unlimitedCourses
  • unlimitedusers
  • 1school
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  • unlimitedCourses
  • unlimitedusers
  • 5schools
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  • unlimitedCourses
  • unlimitedusers
  • unlimitedschools
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