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IntelliBoard supports multiple learning management systems.
One IntelliBoard account can connect to multiple instances and/or multiple types.

Subscription Features

Insightful reports with story-telling visuals

Comparative historical data

Customized dashboards for Admins, Instructors, Learners

Customized dashboards for anyone benefitting from data access

Build your own reports and share

Scheduled notifications automating data-driven decisions

Conditional event notifications/warnings

24 Hour support site access (and it's great!)

Ongoing webinars featuring relevant topics for data consumers and change management champions

No data limits or user caps

No hidden fees (We're a transparent bunch)

World Class Live Chat & Support

Pricing Calculator

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At Your Service Onboarding

The IntelliBoard Client Success Team works to ensure your smooth adoption of the IntelliBoard service. You'll work with our Onboarding PM for training, support, and every resource you need for easy access to your data.

Onboarding Needs Assessment

Your direction on the Onboarding Needs Assessment gives us the initial roadmap of your process in under five minutes.

Kickoff Meeting

You identify your data-loving stakeholders, and we partner with you to configure settings, notifications and dashboards that reflect the most immediate and relevant data.

Training Sessions

We move at your pace: schedule multiple sessions in a week, weekly meetings, or any variation that suits your institution.

I'm interested. Where do I start?

So many ways! Create an account, schedule a demo, or contact us. We're here to assist however you need us.

I'd like to try it first. Do you offer free trials?

Create an account with us and you'll automatically receive a 15 day free trial. Schedule a demo session, and we'll give you an extra 15 days!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept many forms of payment: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, check, bank transfer, wire transfer, and ACH.

Where can I see a full list of features for pricing tiers?

Contact us to see the full list of pricing, tiers and features.

Want more information? Have questions?

We're here to help! Talk to a live person [now], or schedule a FREE tour of our product features, today!


Over 32 MILLION learners served worldwide!

Make your data work for you!

IntelliBoard is user-friendly, aesthetic, and our client support is nothing short of spectacular. We'll help to identify specific reports and analytics for your most immediate needs and partner with you for future ones.